Candace Mcadams is a certified Master coach, and company director of The Soulful Journey.  In her early twenties, in what she calls her first awakening, she decided to live her life under her soul’s guidance and has never looked back. Her life has been a great adventure in which she has embodied a fierce commitment to follow her heart and live with her life with passion. She has traveled to over 52 countries, lived in 6 continents, and has left no stone unturned when it comes to living her life to the fullest. From the small huts in Africa, glamorous cities of Paris and Rome, even in her own backyard, she recognized a true interconnectedness that mankind shares. She also determined that all people want a better life for themselves, their local communities, and their world. She believes that a long lasting positive shift occurs only when one is encouraged and supported to be true to themselves, their own inner wisdom, and their true purpose in life.  Because she has a deep passion to empower, inspire, and encourage others, she received formal training in coaching at the spiritually based, IFC accredited COACH FOR LIFE. And in 2009, she created The Soulful Journey, which is currently based in New York City and  works with clients all around the world.  Candace is also a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, a member of Screen Actors Guild, and continues to work as an actress in Independent Film and television. She is very involved in the artistic community and finds a special affinity for coaching other Artists. Her wish is that she may use her unique experiences and perspective in life to serve, support, and inspire others in walking their own unique journey in life.

Candace McAdams

Master Coach, Creator, and Company Director


I was born into this world an artist. I was first aware of my passion at the age of 5, when one day I declared to my mother that I was going to be an actress. But there was much more in store for me, and many things to experience first, and I had no idea just how much...only my soul did…

I had just graduated one of the most celebrated art schools in the country, was at, had an amazing agent, was up for major movie roles, when…bam…I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, and told by my doctors, I would most likely not survive. Not an easy thing to digest. I was 22, just beginning my adult life, and there I was, facing my own mortality, straight on.

During that time, I raced through so many questions, heart racing, as I felt the seriousness of how fleeting life really was. I began to ask myself things like:
“Why was this happening?” “Was this it?” “Why am I here?”

I searched and searched, but nothing came…only the fear that this may be it. And then one day…the answers found me. It was a Sunday, at dawn, I woke up and this clear small still voice said, “You are here to help inspire others and that now my first mission was to go to India.” It was so confusing at the time and I didn’t understand, I thought I was supposed to be acting. And India, really? I had a blood disease and absolutely no immune system…My doctors wouldn’t allow it, my family would forbid it, and I was after all barely alive…

And then suddenly I felt a comforting feeling wash over me, as if none of that mattered. And once again my soul spoke, and answered my inquires. “Do this…you will survive… and acting would come, when it was time”. Suddenly a knowing and a peace just washed over me…And the next thing I knew, I was joining a volunteer program, and booking a ticket, and flying off to Calcutta. Just like that, I had surrendered to a complete change of course… and that was the day my Soulful Journey began…

And my journey has taken me to countless countries and cultures all over the world. I have had so many experiences that are almost unbelievable. I have been touched by so many lives and I have lived a life that I never could of imagined…a life of passion, inspiration, faith, and true authenticity… and that life threatening illness went away, and I have never looked back…(knock on wood)

I believe because of my own experience that there exists in all of us a deep inner wisdom, that is the Soul’s wisdom. And that our work is stay connected to it, buckle up, and enjoy the ride of our life!!!

Today I am a coach because I want to help others live this way. And I deeply believe in coaching as tool, as it works in the same way, getting you connected to your soul’s unique wisdom, without the need for a life threatening crisis to occur. It asks those powerful questions, gets you aligned with your true self, your souls unique wisdom, and challenges you to live as authentically and passionately as possible. Nothing brings me greater joy than holding the light for others in this way.

And yes, in case you were wondering, acting did finally come. Today I am happily living in NYC, and alongside coaching, working as an actress in film and television, and living out my own dreams. And every time I go to an audition, sit down to write a script or get booked on a role, thanks to my soul, I now have A LOT, to draw from. : )


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