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Coaching with Soul

You ready for the Journey? Buckle up this is going to be good. What ever lead you here, we are glad to have you. And by YOU, we mean what is truly YOU. The part of you that gets that you are meant to have an incredible life. The part that knows you deserve to feel good. The part that knows you can have MORE LOVE in your life….MORE ABUNDANCE to create. ..MORE PEACE AND WELL-BEING to experience…MORE PASSION to embody….And let’s not forget SOUL…oh, the sweet SOUL. WE ALL NEED THAT, the wisest and truest part that holds the key to gaining all of the above. Coaching with us, you will get the soul time you need, until your life becomes exactly what it has always wanted to be. And by the time we are finished with you, you will be enjoying the journey again, hands in the air, and having the time of your life!!!


How coaching can help you.

•Experience greater intimacy and connection in your personal relationship.
•Achieve greater prosperity and abundance in your life's work and finances
•Live with greater passion and purpose in life
•Be supported through transitions, challenging moments, and dismantling limited beliefs
•Live with a greater sense of freedom and adventure in all you do
•Experience more clarity and peace of mind in your daily choices
•Stay true to your self in all of your choices

Ways coaching can help the creative...

As an ARTIST MYSELF, I am so deeply passionate about helping other artists grow and thrive. I understand how the creative mind works and the importance of artists in our society to enable greater purpose and inspiration. Not only do I champion the often undervalued and unappreciated journey, I will celebrate you thriving in your passion, after all you deserve that!

I can help you with the following:

•Help you with blocks you may have in your work
•Help you with mounting pressures of success or celebrity
•Help you bridge the gap between your creative ideas and the business world
•Help you stay true to yourself and get your artistic vision
•Connect to your soul's inner wisdom so you can be a channel it into your world
•Empower and transform your perspective around doubt and uncertainty
•Having total confidence in yourself and your ideas
•Learn how to get out of your own way and make your life work for you
•Unleash creativity and express your unique point of view with greater ease

Coaching the creative soul

You were born a creative, which means you are in many ways on the leading edge of cultural, emotional, and ARTISTIC expression. You dream big. Live deeply. You are a visionary. You were born to be different. And through your medium, you naturally have the ability to uplift the ever-changing human experience. You are ambassadors for the soul. And the world needs your talent. Your inspiration, and your light…

What Clients are saying about The Soulful Journey

“I can say with only with gratitude, certainty, and love, that having you as my coach was absolutely the best money I have ever spent! You brought, hope, light, and your unique wisdom to a life to our incredible journey together. Which has truly enhanced my experience of life. You have been a defining influence in all of my choices, which are now thanks to your services, led with heart, inspiration, and passion! I have seen more positive results than I have ever thought possible. You are beautiful, selfless soul, who finds true pleasure in seeing others happy and fulfilled in life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!
Pilar S.
Fashion Designer
New york, NY.

“I LOVE Candace! She has the ability to make others feel at ease and supported You can dream BIG and those big ideas actually feel possible again! In fact, after each call, I feel like I can do anything! And with her help, I have …the changes that have taken place in my life are so BIG, I still pinch myself. And she makes you feel like you did it all by yourself. Which is only partly true, because I don’t know where my life would be if I didn’t pick up the phone and call her!” I highly recommend working with her!”

Theo C.
Graphic designer
London, England

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