Buckle up this is going to be good. What ever lead you here, we are glad to have you. And by YOU, we mean what is truly YOU. The part of you that gets that you are meant to have an incredible life. The part that knows you deserve to feel good. The part that knows you can have more love in your life….more abundance to create...more Well-being to experience...more passion to embody….And let’s not forget SOUL…oh, the sweet SOUL. WE ALL NEED THAT, the wisest and truest part that holds the key to gaining all of the above. Coaching with us, you will get the soul time you need, until your life becomes exactly what it has always wanted to be. And by the time I am finished with you, you will be enjoying the journey again, hands in the air, and having the time of your life!! Coaching with Soul baby!


       Navigate uncertain and challenging times with greater perspective and ease

       Experience greater intimacy and connection in your personal relationships
       Achieve greater prosperity and abundance in your life's work and finances
       Live with greater passion and purpose in life
       Be supported through transitions, and dismantling limited beliefs
       Live with a greater sense of freedom and adventure in all you do
       Experience more clarity and peace of mind in your daily choices
       Stay true to your self in all of your choices    

       Gain a greater sense of spiritual connection and inner fulfillment




ICF Master Coach, Company Director, and Founder of The Soulful Journey

Candace Mcadams is a ICF certified Master coach, and company director of The Soulful Journey.  In her early twenties, in what she calls her first awakening, she decided to live her life under her soul’s guidance and has never looked back. Her life has been a great adventure in which she has embodied a fierce commitment to follow her heart and live with her life with passion. She has traveled to over 52 countries, lived in 6 continents, and has left no stone unturned when it comes to living her life to the fullest. From the small huts in Africa, glamorous cities of Paris and Rome, even in her own backyard, she recognized a true interconnectedness that mankind shares. She also determined that all people want a better life for themselves, their local communities, and their world. She believes that a long lasting positive shift occurs only when one is encouraged and supported to be true to themselves, their own inner wisdom, and their true purpose in life.  Because she has a deep passion to empower, inspire, and encourage others, she received formal training in coaching at the spiritually based, IFC accredited COACH FOR LIFE. And in 2009, she created The Soulful Journey, which is currently based in New York City and  works with clients all around the world.  Candace is also a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, a member of Screen Actors Guild, and continues to work as an actress in Independent Film and television. She is very involved in the artistic community and finds a special affinity for coaching other Artists. Her wish is that she may use her unique experiences and perspective in life to serve, support, and inspire others in walking their own unique journey in life.



Every coach offers specialities based on life experience, gifts and training. Here are a few we offer:

Crisis-Trauma Coaching

During moments of crisis or after a traumatic event our world can seem like it's falling apart. I work with my clients to make sure we put you back together so you can feel empowered through it all and have a more enhanced experience on your journey.

Relationship Coaching

Our relationships are our most powerful mirror in life. They reflect back to us what needs shifting in order for them to work. Whether you are single, dating, married, separated, or divorced we get to the heart of the matter and let relationships begin to work for you again.

Creative Coaching

Creative energy is a powerful tool to connect you to your most authentic self. As a creative I know how to uncover those blocks and lead you back to your artistic freedom. 

Transitional Coaching

There are many points throughout our lifetime where we are "in the gap" between our life before and the life to come. It may be a job loss, the loss of a loved one, a global pandemic, or a divorce. This type of coaching is tailored to help provide the support necessary to see the light at the end of the tunnel through the rough times.

Wealth Coaching

The only distinction between you and the wealthy are your beliefs about Money. We dismantle them through coaching and make abundance sexy.

Spiritual Coaching

We are all just souls walking each other home. And life seen from the perspective of soul and the support of spirit is one that is deeply fulfilling and full of the wonder of a child. Now matter what your religious back round, in this type of coaching I  help you find your spiritual center again

*All coaches are trained and certified with International Coaches Federation  *ICF recommends 3 months of ongoing coaching for true long lasting results. *Discounted packages are available

ICF recommends "trying on "a coaching session to make sure your coach is  the right one for you. We offer a 20 minute coaching consultation so you can be sure coaching and your coach are perfect for your journey.



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“I LOVE Candace! She has the ability to make others feel at ease and supported You can dream BIG and those big ideas actually feel possible again! In fact, after each call, I feel like I can do anything! And with her help, I have …the changes that have taken place in my life are so BIG, I still pinch myself. And she makes you feel like you did it all by yourself. Which is only partly true, because I don’t know where my life would be if I didn’t pick up the phone and call her!” I highly recommend working with her!”

-Pilar S.
Fashion Designer
New york, NY


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Because of the current crisis we are facing, our rates have been lowered to make coaching affordable to everyone. Our offerings have expanded into crisis coaching for individuals, families, couples, health care workers, and business to get us ALL back on our journey because..




Coaching is an incredible partnership that helps accelerate the process of personal growth and development. It consists of an ongoing weekly session that helps access the powerful wisdom that already exists within you. What sets coaching apart from all other modalities is that it places focus on what IS working, in the present moment and helps you to expand upon that. In session, we begin to understand your daily choices, discover if they are aligned they are with where you would like to be, shift your focus where it needs shifting, and slowly help you create your ideal life.